1942 Dodge Carryall 4×4

1942 Dodge Carryall 4x4 Winch

I’ve seen this Dodge Carryall before. About a year ago it was over on bringatrailer.com where it was listed on the east coast for around $35,000. It supposedly started its life in a Minnesota gravel pit where it ran for 65 years. Cool story. It has some cosmetic upgrade – leather seats, new paint, Good Year MTs and a diesel engine conversion along with some other things but otherwise maintains the stock winch and a lot of the originality including the sheet metal and all of the cool old interior instructional placards. The new seller down in Texas does a poor job of telling us anything about this old Carryall but does do a nice job with the pictures. Find it on eBay in Spring, Texas from Crave Luxury Auto currently at just over $13,000 with the reserve not met.
1942 Dodge Carryall 4x4

1942 Dodge Carryall 4x4 Winch

1942 Dodge Carryall Interior

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