1953 Ford F500 Marmon Herrington 4×4 Conversion

1953 Ford Marmon Herrington 4x4 F500

In the early 1930s Marmon Herrington began building all wheel drive chassis – usually for military purposes – and would later team up with Ford to build 4×4 conversions for trucks like this one, an old Ford F500 conversion used as an airport firefighting unit. You can kind of think as Marmon Herrington as Ford’s version of NAPCO. The owner believes the mileage to be an original 17,000 on the old flathead V8. This truck has a mean look and sure wouldn’t mind having it in my garage. The bidding is just over $2,000 but the reserve hasn’t been met yet, so hard to say what value the seller places on this old Ford F500 4×4.

1953 Ford F500 4x4 Marmon Herrington Conversion

1953 Ford F500 4x4 Interior

1953 Ford F500 Flathead V8

1953 Ford Marmon Herrington 4x4 F500

One thought on “1953 Ford F500 Marmon Herrington 4×4 Conversion

  1. Does anyone have any info on this truck of any kind? I have this exact same set up truck. even down to the same custom running boards, winch clearanced clip, lights, 20,000 original miles and on. I would love to know more of it’s history. I’m sure they were built on the same order.

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