1953 Willys “Woody” 4×4 Pickup

1953 Willys Woody Pickup Truck

Well, really, there’s not much Willy’s left here. This old 1953 Willy’s pickup has been mounted to a 1978 Jeep Cherokee 4×4 chassis and running gear. Then, in lieu of doing any bodywork, inside or out, the “builder” opted for wood. Honestly, I’m not even sure it’s real wood. I think it might be laminate flooring. It’s certainly a conversation piece. The conversation it’s having with me might be in a foreign language, but if you can interpret it and think this 1953 Willy’s “woody” is worth having you’ll need to go to Plummer, Idaho.  It’s currently just short of a $2,000 with a few days left on the eBay clock.

1953 WIllys Woody 4x4 Pickup Interior

1953 Willys Woody 4x4 Pickup

1953 Willys Woody Pickup Truck

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