1959 Chevy NAPCO 3600 Apache 4×4

1959 Chevy NAPCO Apache 3600

I’m hooked. Love this old Chevy NAPCO even in non-correct attire. Said to be a rust free Apache 3600 body with a cosmetic, buy it and drive it restoration. The truck has been repainted in a semi-gloss gray with blacked-out bumpers and bezels. A very sharp truck, but mot likely a whole lot more valuable in stock attire vs. the flavor of the decade flat combination. The cab and box seem to have a little variation in gloss, maybe a little too much flattening agent or hardener in one versus the other, but still cool and presentable. This old Chevy 4×4 pickup has new exhaust, tires, seals and paint. The old Chevrolet is still pushing itself around with the factory inline 6 cylinder. The Leesburg, Virginia seller may be a bit optimistic in the $29,500 buy it now. I’m thinking something in the very high teens or low twenties is probably a little more market correct. Still, to find a nice, rust-free NAPCO isn’t exactly easy, and this one is clean and ready.

1959 Chevy 4x4 Apache 3600

1959 Chevy NAPCO 4x4

1959 Chevy NAPCO Apache 3600

959 Chevy NAPCO interior


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