1959 Ford F100 Factory 4×4

1959 Ford F100 Factory 4x4

In 1959 Ford decided it was time to enter the four wheel drive truck market with the F100. Somewhere around 1,000 factory Ford 4x4s rolled off the line that year and this little F100 gem was one of them. The same owner has held on to this one for twenty years and now says it’s time to part ways. He says it’s old and rusty, but it’s not a rust bucket. Not sure what lies in the middle of rusty and rust bucket but I’d have to kind of agree with him. The body shows some great age, the pain is a keeper in my book. Some obvious rust in the rocker and door areas but otherwise not much to complain about. It almost looks like this old 4×4 Ford has a lift, but the seller mentions some after market springs that might be giving that appearance. It’s powered by a 292 V8 with a three on the tree. If you’ve never driven a column shifter, they’re a hoot. If you want an original first year Ford F100 4×4, here’s your chance – this one in Mountain View, California currently sits at just shy of $3,000 with no reserve.

1959 Ford F-100 factory 4x4

1959 Ford F100 4x4 bed

1959 Ford F100 4x4 Interior

1959 Ford F100 Factory 4x4

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