1959 Ford Fairlane Squire Wagon 4×4

Ford Fairlane Squire Wagon 4x4

If a Ford Fairlane Squire wagon and a 1980s vintage Jeep Grand Cherokee had a love child, this would be it. So ugly it’s beautiful. Said to be based off a Ford F150 extended cab of unknown vintage, this 351, V8 powered off-road wagon is a 1959 crossover SUV of epic proportions. I’m not sure why someone would take what appeared to be a very clean wagon and zombie it up into a 4×4, but that’s what happened here. Well, actually I do know why, because it’s fucking cool, that’s why. The monster BFG All Terrain tires sitting under a vintage station wagon make me want to pack the family and head to Wally World. The trek across the desert wouldn’t stand a chance in this Ford Fairlaine beast machine. The starting bid is hefty, $29,500, but I’m sure there’s far more than that in this labor of 4×4 wagon love. Find it on eBay in Troy, New York.

Ford Fairlane Squire Wagon 4x4 Interior

Ford Fairlane Squire Wagon 4x4 Rear

Ford Fairlane Squire Wagon 4x4


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