1963 International Harvester C1300 4×4 Pickup

1963 International Harvester C1300 4x4

Why!? Why!!!!!? Why are you going to the crusher? Nobody found you worth saving? For a measly 750 bucks nobody would pull this old 1963 IH C1300 4×4 out of a barn, strip off all that fire apparatus and turn her into one bad-ass muddin’ machine? Citizens of Wilmington, Delaware, shame on you for not saving this old beast.

At the very least someone has to see the parts value in this thing. After all, the hood and front glass look good. Okay, maybe she isn’t worth saving. That front bumper alone with the winch is probably worth $90 in scrap value. I hate seeing these old International workhorses turn into breakfast for a crusher, but alas, it looks like this IH one ton is going that direction. With less than a day left until eBay pulls the plug on her life support auction, we should all bow our heads and say goodbye to another fallen vintage International pickup truck. Can I at least have that steering wheel to hang on the wall in my shop?

1963 International Harvester C1300 4x4

1963 International C1300 4x4 Interior

1963 International C1300 4x4 Winch Bumper

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