1964 GMC Longbed Stepside 4×4 Pickup

1964 GMC Stepside Longbed 4x4

This 1964 GMC pickup has one mean face. It’s eyebrows furrowed down over the little round headlights. I’ve always been a GMC fan over the sister Chevrolets. This factory longbed, stepside model is a pretty awesome rig. It’s got some rust issues but still presents well. The original 302 V6, yes V6, is still under the hood. If you didn’t count the plugs you’d think it’s a V8 based on the amount of engine compartment real estate it occupies. Drive as is or restore, but either way you should act fast. This old 1964 GMC 4×4 is on eBay in Bend, Oregon currently at $2,500 with the reserve unmet.1964 GMC 4x4 Interior

1964 GMC Longbed Stepside 4x4

1964 GMC Stepside Longbed 4x4

1964 GMC V6 305

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