1966 Dodge Power Wagon 4×4 Crew Cab

1966 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab 4x4

Look at this Frankenstein 1966 Dodge Power Wagon, will ya? That step side bed mimics the bolts coming out of the big monster’s neck and the crazy-wide b-pillar gap on the crew cab is like his forehead. I can’t take my eyes off it. It’s like a car accident – you don’t really want to look, but you have to. I think I’d keep this old 4×4 Power Wagon as close to original as possible. It sure would be fun to swap out that old slant six 225 with a Cummins though, wouldn’t it? If you could get rubber for them, I’d even want to keep those giant 19.5″ steelie wheels it’s got. I can picture this old Dodge painted white with black steelies and bias ply tires getting so torched by a high-torque Cummins that you cannot determine what is black diesel smoke or tire rubber burning. These old Dodge 4×4 pickup trucks have become pretty collectible over the past few years, and this one in Rapid City, South Dakota proves it. In need of a full restoration the bidding has already topped three grand with nearly a half day to go yet. I would guess there’s not much room left but if it broke $4,000 I don’t think it would be all that surprising.

1966 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab 4x4

1966 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab 4x4 Interior

1966 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab Step Side 4x4

1966 Dodge Power Wagon Slant Six Motor

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