1967 International Scout 800 Sportop

1967 International Scout 800 Sportop

In 1967 International offered a “sportop” option for the Scout 800 model. The sportop (sport top, get it?) was a sleek hard top with a slanted/sloped back end intended to give the Scout 800 a classier, ahem “sporty” look. One of the 1967 Sportop advertisements show a well dressed couple  parked at a swanky hotel awaiting the valet and a bellman to grab their bags and park the Scout in a premier spot for all to see. Perhaps International Harvester was thinking Cadillac Escalade of 1967?

This Scout 800 sportop, which I swear I’ve seen before on bringatrailer.com a few years back, is said to have been originally from the Northwest. Living in the northwest isn’t always the best for old metal like this Scout 800. The owner states that both floor boards have been replaced and had some “minimal surface rust spots which were ground down and touched up” which I’m not sure exactly if that means it had an intimate date with some body filler, or it was done right.

The description states the Scout 800 Sportop is mechanically a sound machine with driving and shifting “as good as it can be”. Isn’t that an old Army slogan? The carb has recently been rebuilt along with installation of a new solenoid, brakes, points, fuel pump and hoses. The 152 cubic inch, four cylinder engine has no leaks, no drips or smoke, which make this the only Scout in existence that can boast all three of those things – the Scout trifecta.

The silver, yes silver, interior is way cool. The dash, seats and headliner are all silver. Today we’d call it platinum, most likely. But in 1967 Scout talk it was pure silver vinyl in the highest grade possible. Okay, I think there was only one grade of vinyl, but this was not black, it was S-I-L-V-E-R.

Overall, I like this little Scout 800 with its fancy sportop. I still kind of prefer the boxier, squared off version of the Scout 800 with the standard hardtop, so not sure I’d be willing to pay extra for rarity. But if you are, the Las Vegas seller says it needs a new home and reserve is low given the rarity. So far it looks like it takes somewhere north of $11,000 to own this rare little International. Although the reserve has yet to be met.

1967 International Scout 800 Sportop

1967 Scout 800 Sportop Silver Interior

1967 Scout 800 Sportop

1967 Scout Sportop No Roof

1967 Sportop Hardop Scout 800


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