1968 Citroen 2CV Suzuki Samurai 4×4 Conversion

Citroen Suzuki Samurai Conversion

This little Frankenstein is so genius and beautiful I just can’t stop looking at it. The modified (15″ longer, 8″ wider) 1986 Suzuki Samurai frame mates perfectly with the 1968 Citroen 2CV body. Matched like they were meant to be built together right from the factory. The rear fender skirts covering the large off road tires make this Citroen Samurai look like some kind of German war machine straight out of WWII. The owner/builder has affectionately named it Le Sami and unfortunately health considerations have led to its no reserve sale. Of course no Citroen 4×4 could go much of anywhere if carried over the 9 horse, air-cooled Citroen motor, so the Le Sami hides a 350 small block to make all four wheels turn. A true off-road machine, this French four wheeler sports more racks than your local Hooters. This $30,000 build is currently bid up to just over $7,000. I call it a bargain for the off-roadability of a Le Sami Citroen Samurai 4×4.

1968 Citroen 2CV 4x4

Citroen 2CV 4x4 Interior

Citroen 2CV 4x4

Citroen 2CV Suzuki Samurai

Citroen Suzuki Samurai Conversion

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