1968 Dodge Charger “General Lee” 4×4

1968 Dodge Charger 4x4 General Lee

“Just a good ol’ boys…” Man, that song came on when I was kid you can be damn sure my ass was parked in front of the TV from the opening lyric to the rolling credits. A glimpse of Daisy in her CJ7 Golden Eagle and Bo and Luke bombing around in the Charger were better than chocolate milk. I kinda, sorta remember the episode where they jacked up the Charger and gave it some off-roadability. In that same episode they shot dynamite arrows. Hell yeah! This car even comes with dynamite arrows. I shit you not. Well, the guy selling this one must kinda sorta remember that episode too. He took a Dodge Durango and pinned it underneath a 1968 Dodge Charger. A beautiful meeting of naughty and nice – the Confederate flag meets modern manners.

The Charango is certainly a hermaphrodite, and like any experienced crossdresser there’s parts that will trick you until you see what’s underneath. This one is sexy on the outside. The 01 on the door, orange paint, the pride of General Lee on the roof all sitting on top of some 31″ Nitto Dune Grapplers. You just can’t wait to get inside and jam on the throttle. Then you lift her skirt, I mean, open the door and inside you find some protrusions and plastic that are all Dodge Durango. I was hoping to see at least a futile attempt at a 1968 Charger innard, but no such luck. The interior surrounds you in late 90s Dodge plastic. Still, I find myself attracted to this sexy Charger, and if you are too, take $25,000 to eBay and punch the buy it now button square in the chops. I’m okay with who she’s chosen to become. If we can accept our Wheaties hero as a female, I’ll take this ’68 Charger with four wheel drive for exactly who she is. Ba-ba-baaaaa-ba-ba-bum-ba-ba-ba-baaaaa-baaaaa-baaaaaa!

1968 Dodge Charger 4x4

1968 Dodge Charger 4x4 General Lee

1968 Dodge Charger General Lee 4x4

1968 Dodge Durango Charger Interior

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