1968 Ford F250 Ranger

1968 Ford F250 Ranger

While this may not be the most crazy mud truck, it’s hard to pass up talking about a 1968 Ford F250 Ranger. This isn’t just any Ranger though, this is a factory crew cab Highboy! That’s not something you stumble upon every day. Although it’s not a Ford term, The Highboy has been a nickname for so long it may as well be. That being said to find a crew cab short box F250 with a 360 CI in the “Highboy era” is the equivalent to finding a Leprechaun riding a Unicorn.

The 1968 in question here also seems to have lived an interesting life. The Ranger edition has spent most of its life as the Portland Fire Chiefs truck. This has proven to be a good thing. The 1968 Ford F250 Ranger appears to only have one repaint and is said to be rust free!

With standard Dana straight axles, and a divorced NP205 Transfer case this Highboy would do great in 4WD situations. That being said it would be a shame to take a truck as nice as this and abuse it.

The price is going to jump up still with a current bid of $21,000 on Ebay, but it’s worth every penny.

1968 Ford F250 Ranger Side
Old Crew Cabs, squared off and quirky. They are the best!
1968 Ford F250 Ranger Interior
Oh did I mention its a 4 speed truck? because why not make it perfect!
1968 Ford F250 Ranger Engine
The Factory 360 has a rebuild with only 12,000 miles on it!

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