1968 Jeep Kaiser M725 4×4 Ambulance

1968 Jeep Kaiser Ambulance 4x4

This 1968 Jeep Kaiser ambulance would make one fantastic 4×4 off-road RV. Claimed to have an original 24,000 miles it’s in decent shape. Typical bumps and bruises including some pretty bent up sheet metal just aft of the driver’s door on this old Kaiser M725 (seller lists it as a model 3520?). The original inline 6 cylinder engine isn’t running and is missing the water pump. Without actually saying the engine is seized, one can assume it is, since the description states “previous owner says it will run if plugs removed and penetrating oil used to release motor” – hmmm? This old Jeep Kaiser ambulance almost looks like it was more of an undercover troop carrier or radio van versus an ambulance, although the large cross is still painted on the side to serve as proof of former duty assignments. The nice thing is all the creepy ambulance gear looks long gone, including the gurney, thankfully. There is an extra set of doors thrown in the back just in case. This Jeep M725 can be yours with a trip to Providence Forge, Virginia and somewhere around six grand in your pocket.

1968 Jeep Kaiser Ambulance 4x4

1968 Jeep Ambulance 3520

1968 Jeep Kaiser Ambulance Interior

1968 Jeep 3520 Ambulance

3 thoughts on “1968 Jeep Kaiser M725 4×4 Ambulance

  1. Actually is all there and running. A complete and unmodified
    ambulance from the Vietnam war. It served with the 438th Med Detachment.

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