1969 Ford Bronco

1969 Ford Bronco

I recently had the opportunity to help remove a barn find almost identical to this 1969 Ford Bronco from its tomb. Ok so it wasn’t so much a barn but a brick basement on an old lake house. Inside of that damp lake house was a surprisingly non rusted light patina 1969 302 3 on the tree. Man was I jealous that it wasn’t mine!

I wont give you numbers on what it was bought for. I can tell you it was much less than the current bid of $7,600 for this 4×4. However, a running, driving Bronco with the first year for a 302ci engine makes it worth a bid.

There aren’t many details given on this 1969 Ford Bronco other than it has been used as a hunting rig in Colorado for most of its life and that its cold blooded, no surprise there.

Honestly If I had half a brain I would try to scoop this one up so there would be 2 light blue and patina colored Broncos running around our small town, but sadly I’ll let one of you readers take it away from me…

1969 Ford Bronco exterior
A Bronco Parked in front of a door with a Bronco, clever
1969 Ford Bronco engine
the first year for the 302 engine and what a nice upgrade it was!
1969 Ford Bronco Interior
Don’t be fooled by the large lever on the ground thats for the 4 wheel drive. You shift this baby right from the column!

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