1969 Ford Bronco SEMA Build

1969 Ford Bronco SEMA Build

Even though this is a show truck, it has all the make up of a strong mud truck. This 1969 Ford Bronco SEMA Build looks the part of an over the top show truck.

If you have ever been to SEMA you know this is the norm. What better way to show off all of your products or your craftsmanship by slapping them all on 1 vehicle for a booth. Personally I think they are all overkill, and this one is no exception. I do understand it though, how many people can say they own a 1969 bronco that was built for SEMA!

The list of parts on this Ford is too extensive to list but here’s the highlights. A built 302(no extra details), custom roll cage, custom hood, 6” skyjacker lift, and 35” Toyo Open country MT tires. Oh and I forgot to mention it was also built by RMD garage and featured on Velocity Network as well.

If all of that interests you and you have $149,800 Laying around, go over to ebay and scoop it up.

1969 Ford Bronco SEMA Build front end
Customized everything makes for a cool front end shot
1969 Ford Bronco SEMA Build Engine
All mods aside a 302 is always the right answer for a Bronco
1969 Ford Bronco SEMA Build Interior
Talk about one custom interior! Nothing has gone untouched on this Bronco.

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