1970 Dodge W300 Dually 4×4 Truck

1970 Dodge W300 4x4 Dually

The seller claims the 19,000ish miles on this old fire department-owned Dodge W300 truck are original, and I tell ya, I think I gotta believe him. You figure it’s got 17% of its mileage from 4th of July parades and the rest of it running around chasing brush fires. It’s not often you see a Dodge one ton with the pickup truck bed on it and dual rear wheels. I normally come across them with some type of service or utility box on the back. This one was a rescue vehicle and even came with four wheel drive. The interior shows like new – the seats, dash, all of it. Looks to have a few holes here and there from a cb radio and the prerequisite fire department gear, but overall, a very nice little Dodge 4×4. The seller no doubt put a little black spray bomb on the underside but it certainly wasn’t rusty to begin with. The factory winch still sits all wound up nestled in the front bumper. The bidding has this little rescuer up in the mid-teens and there’s still a reserve. I’d have to think we’re getting close on this old Dodge W300. Give her a nudge over on eBay and see if she sells so you can drive her back from Portland.

1970 Dodge 1-Ton Dually 4x4

1970 Dodge W300 1 Ton 4x4

1970 Dodge W300 4x4 Dually

1970 Dodge W300 4x4 Interior

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