1971 Chevrolet Blazer CST

1971 Chevy Blazer CST 4x4

As far as clean Blazers go, this one is a dandy. This 1971 Chevy Blazer is said to be the mustardy-yellow ochre color but it appears more brown in the photos. If it is ochre, the photos are not showing it accurately. This is the top of the line CST model Blazer. You get the best accouterments Chevy offered in a truck – AM radio, bucket seats and a center console. I would have to assume those seats have been redone, but damn they look perfect for this truck in that original stamped vinyl. The interior looks impeccable on this old SUV right down to the carpet. The Inez, Texas seller does a great job with the photographs but falls a bit short on description. We don’t know much other than the obvious – V8, BFG tires and it runs and sounds good! The undercarriage looks 100% rust free as do all of the body panels. This is one nice Blazer and I would expect to see it go in the mid to high teens. It’s currently at just over $12,000 with the reserve not met.

1971 Chevy Blazer 350 V8

1971 Chevy Blazer CST 4x4

1971 Chevy Blazer CST Interior

1971 Chevy Blazer CST Bucket Seats

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