1971 Jeep Commando Hurst Edition

1971 Jeep Commando Hurst

If the Jeep Commando Hurst edition had a USPS logo on the side little would differentiate it from a mail carrier’s vehicle. The Hurst edition was a limited run of a few hundred Jeep Commandos that came with a cool Hurst dual gate shifter, blue and red racing stripes and a little half round 8,000 RPM mini tachometer mounted in a hood scoop on the Commando’s engine lid. It wasn’t fast, it was only made to look fast. A fast Jeep Commando… yes, oxymoron.

Power for the Jeep Commando Hurst cameĀ via 160hp V6 and a three speed automatic. All of the Hurst edition Jeeps came with a special order build tag and this model in Birmingham, Alabama still proudly wears it along with a whole lot of rust, dirt and neglect. However, we’re just a few days removed from Independence Day and this red, white and blue vintage 4×4 deserves a little celebration in someone’s garage. The current asking price looks to be north of $4,500. A steep price to pay for a dual gate shifter and some hood stripes, but freedom is not free, and neither is thisĀ 1971 Hurst Jeep Commando.

1971 Jeep Commando Hurst Hood Scoop

1971 Jeep Commando Hurst Interior

1971 Jeep Commando Hurst

1971 Jeep Commando Hurst Special Order Tag

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