1973 Chevrolet Suburban

1973 Chevrolet Suburban

When this Suburban caught my eye  I thought the A-Team had traded in their van for this custom 1973 Chevrolet Suburban. Then I realized this mega-lifted Suburban was brown. So I called off all of the B.A., Murdock, Hannibal and Paceman references to this giant SUV. This Chevy 4×4 is HUGE…. yeah, yeah that’s what she said… but seriously that’s a HUUUGE truck.

Check out the interior of this monster 4×4 truck! “Hey honey, I want to put a custom head liner and door inserts in my badass Chevy Suburban Monster Truck I’m working on. What do you think?”

Honey’s response – “Who gives a crap, the only way anyone will ever see the inside is if they’re as tall as a giraffe.”

BOOM and there it is, that’s how you come up with custom giraffe-print interior inserts. Seriously though, with a 14″ lift and 46″ tires it’s rather fitting. 99.9% of people are never going to see the inside of this giant, so do whatever the hell you want to the Suburban’s interior. You giraffe loving fool you.

The rebuilt 454 with Edelbrock TBI parts and Flowmasters dumping under the back seat should all growl with authority. With as many aftermarket parts and rebuilt parts as this big dog Chevy is rocking it’s hard to say where I think the price is falling inline. If you have $22,500 in your piggy bank and want to drive what will be the largest damn Suburban just about anyone has seen on the road, then we just found your next truck.

1979 Custom Chevrolet Suburban
That’s what she said…
1973 Chevrolet Suburban Interior
Yes, custom giraffe headliner and door inserts is out there, but so is a 14″ lift with 46″ tires. So in this case I’m digging it.

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