1973 International Harvester Travellall 4×4

1973 International Harvester Traveall 4x4 green woodgrain

You put the words International Harvester on a tractor, and meh. But you put the words International Harvester on a 4 wheel drive SUV from 1973, name it the Travelall and I’m putting it on my Vintage Mudder bucket list. This 1973 International Travelall 4×4 might as well be a shot glass full of testosterone. I feel so manly when I look at it that chest hairs can visibly be seen growing.

It’s woody Wednesday at Vintage Mudder. Earlier we featured the simulated wood-grained Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Wood on the Jeep was representative of the fake white of the previous owner’s teeth. Somehow though the Travelall makes fake wood grain look cool. The seller doesn’t say much about this dandy of vintage 4×4 people hauler but we can decipher a few things… noted only as a V8, the cowl tag indicates 253.4 horsepower, so that means it’s not just any V8, it’s the top of the line 392 cubic inch V8. Indicated mileage is just under 90,000. I can’t imagine it would be original miles, but with no mention of a respray and what sure looks like the original interior it could be, maybe, original? The dash has never been hacked and still sports the old push button radio and 3-spoke International steering wheel. The safari rack on the roof, BFG tires and the whole combination is very lustful.

With no indication of a reserve and brisk bidding already well into the teens, this old Travelall is gonna go somewhere. Looking at a map, Indianapolis is only 500 miles from me… I should be putting this ’73 International Travelall in my garage.

1972 IH Travelall 4x4 Safari Rack

1973 IH Travelall 392 V8

1973 International Harvester Traveall 4x4 green woodgrain

1973 International Travelall 4x4 Green

1973 International Travelall Interior

1973 Internationals Travelall Backseat

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