1975 Ford F250 4×4 Highboy

1975 Ford F250 4x4

I got a an idea for the next Jason Aldean video… girl comes out in her Daisy Dukes and says “Hi, boy, can I get a ride in your highboy?” She jumps in and her and Jason race through cornfields in a vintage Ford F250 highboy plowing through corn rows until the old farmer comes out and shakes his pitchfork at those rascally kids. They smile at each other, eyes twinkling, and race off to the levy where they do some old-fashioned parking.

Seems to be a little confusion and heated interweb discussion on what exactly a Ford F250 highboy is. The simple answer: It’s just a Ford F250 built prior to 1977.5 that looked “higher” than its competitors and previous Ford trucks. It wasn’t any special Ford option on an F250 – they were just plain ol’ tall trucks. This one is a very nice original example of a Ford F250 4×4 highboy, complete with the F26 VIN code stating it came factory as a 4×4 model. The interior and exterior all original and the owner states the mileage is a verified 62,000. He’s even got all of the original owner’s documentation. The coolest part, this thing comes with a Ford factory-installed 8-track player. It’s a shame Jason Aldean isn’t available on an 8-track.

Bidding on this very nice example of a Ford F-250 has been steady, climbing well into the teens with only a day or so left. If you’re in the market for a Ford highboy, or maybe you just want to rip up some cornfields, an old F250 in this type of original condition isn’t something you’ll see pop up very often. Find it on eBay in Caldwell, Idaho.

1975 Ford F250 4x4 Highboy

1975 Ford F250 4x4 Interior

1975 Ford F250 4x4

1975 Ford Ranger F250 Highboy

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