1975 Volvo TGB11, C303

Well, you learn something new everyday, for instance did you know Volvo used to build Military Vans? I had no clue, But after seeing the 1975 Volvo TGB11, C303 I was immediately interested. Then again anything with portal axles, an 8-speed manual and air locking differentials stock is worth looking into.

The Terrängbil 11 (it’s full name translates to Terrain Vehicle) has quite the history in both military and Civillian use. From their introduction in the 60’s to still in service in the 2000’s. Not to mention a C303 even won the Dakar rally in its class in the 80’s

This one has been used in the Swedish Army but with an estimated 62,000 miles this Utilitarian Volvo should have plenty of life left.

If you’re anywhere near Randleman North Carolina I highly suggest a visit and a follow up to tell us just how cool this TGB is!


1975 Volvo TGB11, C303 rear end
straight axles, portals and military tires, now thats one tough van!
1975 Volvo TGB11, C303 interior
The very minimal interior has only what you need and nothing more.
1975 Volvo TGB11, C303 controls
Those are good controls to see!

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