1977 Dodge Power Wagon Macho

1977 Dodge Power Wagon Macho1977 Dodge Power Wagon Macho

When I was a kid Simon and Simon was a show about two detective brothers chasing bad guys. My favorite part of the show was renegade, Vietnam veteran, Rick Simon’s Dodge Power Wagon Macho. His was like a flat maroon-ish color with big-ass black bumpers and a lift kit. Rick was macho,  but his Dodge truck was muy macho.

The owner of this 1977 Dodge Power Wagon Macho shares a bunch of photos documenting the process of taking his Power Wagon Macho back to machoness. A prior owner adorned this truck in a flat camo rattle can paint job, the Dodge had to be stripped and repainted to once again be manly. I’m a big fan of the silver over black with a yellow separation stripe. The black wheels with a yellow pinstripe wrapped in 35″ BFG All Terrains, white letters out, are also a cool touch.

Whoever ordered this ’77 Dodge Power Wagon understood that in order to be macho, you couldn’t pose. So a factory 440 big block with a mild cam sits under the power domed hood. The Wagon has an automatic tranny with less than 1,000 miles on a rebuild and the appropriate receipts to prove it. You also get a roll bar in the bed just in case you weren’t quite sure on your masculinity thus far.

Although I’m not a 1970s Mopar truck fan, I gotta say this Port Saint Lucie, Florida Power Wagon is one I wouldn’t mind delivering flowers in. Because no matter what it’s used for, it’s Macho! The no reserve bidding is currently just over $10,000, which seems fair.

1977 Dodge Power Wagon Macho Edition

1977 Dodge Power Wagon Macho Interior

1977 Dodge Power Wagon Macho1977 Dodge Power Wagon Macho

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