1978 Toyota LandCruiser FJ55

1978 Toyota LandCruiser

As a former Iron Pig owner (a 1976) I can firsthand tell you that there are few old trucks that will get you the questions and sweet ride compliments as a Toyota LandCruiser FJ55. Mine was this same color combo, as are most you’ll find. You’ll also stumble across green/white, red/white, grey/white and all white. Not sure if other colors were offered or not. The paint on this one is brand-spankin’ new in the original color scheme. You’ll also be greeted with an all new vinyl interior. This FJ55 still has its original inline 6 cylinder engine with a Weber carb. All kinds of new parts make this LandCruiser not only a solid looker, but a solid driver. The price, with more than 4 days left on eBay, is just shy of $16,000. I’d expect a little more movement on this one before all is said and done. I’d be proud to have this 1978 FJ55 in my driveway for anything in the teens and I wouldn’t rule out a price reaching the low twenty thousand range on this Tempe, Arizona LandCruiser.

1978 Toyota LandCruiser FJ55 Iron Pig

1978 Toyota LandCruiser

1978 Toyota LandCruiser FJ55 INterior

1978 Toyota Land Cruiser

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