1979 Dodge Power Wagon MACHO

1979 Power Wagon MACHO side

In the late 70’s what screamed I’m as manly as they come more than a 1979 Dodge Power Wagon MACHO? The MACHO was an appearance package offered by Dodge that was supposed to be a rolling billboard for masculinity. I think Dodge succeeded in doing so with this Power Wagon trim. These Ram trucks are increasingly tough to find, and can now be considered a rare, collectible vintage pick up truck.

The MACHO trim consisted of wagon wheels, oversized tires, black and yellow accents, a roll bar in the bed and large Power Wagon lettering.. All of the Power Wagon models were built off of the W150 swept side platform in either long or short wheel base form. It’s amazing to find one pop up on Ebay, especially a mostly restored version. This Power Wagon has aftermarket fender flares and running boards that detract slightly from the MACHO look, a simple fix. Out of the original 8 MACHO color combos this is my favorite. This color contrast makes the MACHO Ram truck stick out like chest hair from a late 1970s leisure suit. You don’t need to grunt, your vintage truck will do it for you.

You can buy the 1979 Dodge Power Wagon MACHO now on Ebay for an asking price of $12,000. If you think that asking price is high for a ’79 Ram Truck is capable of sprouting chest hair and boosting testosterone levels then make your own offer.

1979 Power Wagon MACHO above view
The aerial photography here shows off all of the MACHO add ons.
1979 Dodge Power Wagon MACHO engine bay
The outside of the 360 looks dirty, but with a rebuild only 7,000 miles ago this engine should last a long time.
1979 Power Wagon MACHO interior
The Black bucket seats were not standard equipment starting in 1979. Nice decision by the original MACHO owner.

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