1980 Jeep CJ-10A

Jeep CJ-10A front end

When I was scrolling aimlessly for something to write about this Jeep CJ-10A peaked my interest, because I thought “Man that Jeep looks like a weird aircraft tug”. Well it turns out that’s exactly what it was! After some light research I found out that Jeep made these Frankenstein type tugs for US Air Force use. I say Frankenstein because it was built in Mexico and is a combination of a CJ-7 plus a J10 pickup with a Nissan diesel engine to power it all. Don’t quote me on this but I don’t believe that is the original box on the back. It looks older than a 1980 pick up box however it actually helps give it a pretty tough look. If weird Frankenstein aircraft tugs is your thing then head over to Ebay and give this rare Jeep a new home.

CJ-10A side view
This low light picture does show the entire length of the vehicle unlike the rest of the pictures supplied to Ebay
Jeep CJ10-A diesel engine
How many of you knew there was a Nissan diesel option at all for a Jeep?
Jeep CJ-10A interior
The Bare interior should come as no surprise For a Jeep let alone one built for military use.

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