1980 Nissan Patrol

1988 Nissan Patrol Safari

The Nissan Patrol never made it to this country. If it had, you’d probably see them in the same collectability sector as a Toyota FJ40. When they do make it over here they seldom see the appreciation of their Toyota cousins. Nobody has fond childhood memories of that guy down the street with the really cool Nissan Patrol. It’s a shame, really, because Nissan Patrols are quite cool.

This Nissan Patrol¬†has a funky little 6 cylinder Nissan diesel engine and 35″ BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires that look eager to rip the fenders right off the truck the first time it sees off-pavement usage. You get all the cool Japanese off-road goodies – PTO winch with in cab controls, locking diffs, auto-locking hubs, front and rear sway bars. It’s a cool old rig and you won’t see one on every corner, probably won’t see one on any corner. There is a 1988 Nissan Patrol¬†on a corner in Nashville, Tennessee though, and for $14,500 you can buy it right now.

1988 Nissan Patrol 4x4

1988 Nissan Patrol Interior

1988 Nissan Patrol Safari

1988 Nissan Safari Patrol

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