1980 Subaru Brat GL

1980 Subaru Brat

Not the normal vehicle we cover here at Vintage Mudder, however these little Brats can be a handful (pun intended). Subaru is well-known for producing a superior four wheel drive system. The Subaru for sale here combines that infamous the 4×4 system with a small pick up truck box and rear facing jump seats. This 1980 Subaru Brat GL would certainly put a lot of stock 4×4’s to shame.

This boxer powered Subaru needs some cosmetic work. The seller also acknowledges it needs some adjustment to the four wheel drive linkage. Minor details on a unique off road vehicle like this wouldn’t slow us down, and they shouldn’t hold you back either. These mini trucks are getting harder to find, so every one that comes up for sale is worth a second glance.

Personally after looking at the condition of this Brat, I would repaint it, and fix any mechanical flaws. After that I would give it a small lift, plus a set of oversized mud tires. Then you could hear me laughing as I do circles around all of the full sized trucks at the local mud pit.

If you have similar ambitions as then check this Subaru 4×4 Brat out on Ebay and let the bidding war begin.

1980 Subaru Brat Front end
There is something so 60’s american muscle about the front grill on these Brats.
1980 Subaru Brat rear jump seats
The jump seats are missing the mounting brackets and head rests, but the hardest part to find is still with the truck!
1980 Subaru Brat Engine bay
While hidden, there is  a dependable Fuji Heavy Industries engine hiding down in there.

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