1982 Land Rover Defender 109 LHD

1982 Land Rover Series III 109

One of the greatest Beach Boys tunes of all time, “She’s real fine my 109” pays homage to the Land Rover 5 door. Not many people know that, just wanted to share the secret before Brian Wilson dies. Brian Wilson is still alive, right? By 1982 the Defender 109, or more accurately Series III 109, was pretty much a spittin’ image of the later 110. This Land Rover Santanta 109 is a lefthand drive model (LHD) which is kind of nice for here in the states if you want to see what’s coming at you in the other lane. Not that pulling out to pass anyone is even possible in this six cylinder diesel. Acceleration is measured only by how fast other cars pull out to pass you. They will admire the “6 CILINDROS” decal on the hood as they wave driving by.

Let them wave, this thing is so damn cool I don’t care how long it takes me to get somewhere. Or more likely get nowhere. The only thing I’m not a big fan of is those square-ish headlights. I think you could swap the front with a Defender 110 of similar vintage. Then trick your friends into thinking you paid foolish money for this right now reasonably priced, at just over $11,000 (reserve not met), Land Rover Series III 109 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

1982 Land Rover Defender 109

1982 Land Rover Defender Santana 109

1982 Land Rover Series III 109 Interior

1982 Land Rover Series III 109

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