1982 Toyota Hilux

1982 Toyota Hilux dump box

I was trying to come up with the words to describe this 1982 Toyota Hilux. I’m not sure if any word fits better than mutt. I don’t mean mutt as in mangy and messed up because it looks to be fairly well done. I mean it as in the Toyota is a combination of so many different vehicles. How do you build an off-road/dump/show truck? Oh wait and also make it a convertible?

My biggest question is what was this guy planning on dumping out of such a small box that’s filled with a roll bar? Also was he planning on having an excavator load this while the top was off?

Maybe I’m being a little harsh here because I am a Hilux lover and although I am not a purist I do like a clean Toyota that isn’t over done. If over the top is your style and you want to figure out were the reserve comes off just like the roof go over to ebay and put in your bid.

1982 Toyota Hilux
Take your top off! Or maybe just leave it on……
1982 Toyota Hilux engine bay
by the looks of it this is a typical, and original 22r engine. They just don’t die!
1982 Toyota Hilux exterior
with everything in its natural position, It’s a pretty good looking Toyota


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