1985 Chevrolet K3500 Crew Cab 4×4 Pickup Truck

1985 3500 Chevy 4x4 Crew Cab

This 1985 Chevy crew cab 4×4  looks like the truck Darth Vader would have driven in high school. A young Darth jumps out and slams his cape shut in the door, tugging on it until it slips out, then cooly walks in to school. The crew cab and short (custom made) box are proportionally pretty dang cool on this 1985 Chevy K3500 truck. The owner/builder chopped a regular box and planted this thing on a Suburban frame.

Power comes from a 6.2 litre diesel pushed through a Hummer transmission. The 4″ stacks exit through the bed and seem a little tall to me, hack them off about 14″ and curl them right above the cab. I’d also paint them flat black. The steelie Hummer wheels are a perfect match for this old one ton monster. The one thing that’s not a match is all the modern 3500 emblems, curb feelers and semi horns plastered all over the truck.

The $11,000 asking price, although a fraction of what’s surely invested, seems very optimistic. I think something just under $10,000 would make the crew cab Death Star go away faster. Regardless it’s a cool rig with a little de-gaudifying work. You can grab Lord Vader’s truck in Westminster, Massachusetts.

1985 3500 Chevy 4x4 Crew Cab

1985 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab interior

1985 Chevy K3500 4x4 Crew Cab

1985 Chevy K3500 Crew Cab 4x4

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