1985 Toyota Pickup SR5

1985 Toyota Pickup SR5

Well I’m in love with this 1985 Toyota Pickup SR5 with a Cummins R2.8 4 cylinder engine in it. Knowing that I can’t buy it right now the first thing I did was send it to my friend and demanded that he buys it. I explained this Cummins powered beauty as the perfect everything Toyota. Here’s my reasoning.

These older SR5’s are known for being great daily driver trucks as the running gear lasts forever. What doesn’t last forever if you live anywhere that has snow and Ice is the bodies and frames. This Pickup is from New Mexico, so were all in luck there. Next these Toyotas are known for having a great aftermarket community and are very mod friendly. Which brings me to my last point, this one is already set up just the way I would do it. This includes the Cummins 4 cylinder to help with towing, fuel mileage, and smiles per gallon to boot!

It sounds like this beta test Cummins/Toyota can and has done it all, including being a feature truck for 4Wheeler magazine! I’d personally like to put it through the ringer and see what the truck is capable of, if you can all keep this in mind when placing your bids on the 1985 Toyota Pickup SR5 that would be great because I haven’t given up hope that my buddy will buy it!

1985 Toyota Pickup SR5 Cummins Engine
Additional power and increased range, definition more smiles per gallon.
1985 Toyota Pickup SR5 mountian
These are the types of views that I would want to see with this rig.
1985 Toyota Pickup SR5 exterior
Seriously whats not to love!

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