1988 Ford Bronco 4×4

1988 Ford Bronco 4x4

I had a Bronco of this vintage when I was in college, even had the same inline six cylinder. Mine was a manual transmission and never had Marine Corp provenance this owner seems to boast as a feature. I think these old final generation Broncos will start to gain popularity over the next few years. This one, in canary yellow, must have been painted at some point because I don’t think that was a Ford-issued color in 1988. I’d wager it was somewhere around 1992 when OJ was parading his all white Bronco around LA. With only a couple of days left, and no reserve, I’d have to think there’s still a couple of thousand left in this 1988¬†Ford Bronco that as of right now is only at $1,500. Chump change for a fine piece of full size Ford from the 80s. If you’ve got sixteen hundos looking for a new home, make a bid and plan a trip to Vancouver, Washington to pick up your new Bronco.

1988 Ford Bronco 4x4

1988 Ford Bronco Interior

1988 Ford Bronco Rear Seat

1988 Ford Bronco

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