1988 Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 Restomod

1988 Toyota FJ62 LandCruiser

The seller calls this a 1988 Toyota FJ62 restomod. I call it the most expensive Toyota FJ60-series I’ve ever laid eyes on. There’s no doubt the person who built this old Landcruiser’s checkbook was bleeding money for several months. The underside of this beast is as delightful, if not more so, than the topside. With only 161 miles since a “no expense spared restoration” it’s up to you to work out the kinks. The Toyota inline 6 has been replaced by a more capable GM-powered 350 V8 and a turbo 400 transmission. They plopped all that on top of some crazy-cool coilovers and and made the whole bottom side pretty enough to take its own selfies. Inside you’ve got all the modern amenities and electronics on a custom dash and center console. I really can’t find any fault in the craftsmanship, only the decision-making… to spend this much money on a $10,000 LandCruiser is just plain insanity. I can’t see the seller getting back anywhere near the $125,000 buy it now price on this 1988 Toyota. I’d venture to say an offer of about half that by a person as insane as the original builder would be ballpark. If you’re an ex-Microsoft executive living near Ashland, Oregon and gotta have the most over-restored Toyota FJ62 on the planet, your rigĀ is ready.

1988 Toyota 4x4 FJ62

1988 Toyota FJ62 LandCruiser

1988 Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 restomod

1988 Toyota LandCruiser FJ62

1988 Toyota Landcruiser V8 Conversion

Toyota LandCruiser Custom Interior

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