1989 Ford E-150 Pathfinder Quadravan

1989 Ford Pathfinder 4x4 Quadravan

When you look at the pictures of this near-mint 25 year old Ford Quadravan you’ll quickly discover the only thing missing is a stripper pole. The copious amounts of quilted leather, velvety-like headliner, tan cut-pile carpet and rope lights are very conducive to acts of live exotic entertainment . The rear seating area comes right from Ford in a rounded configuration that just screams “You can look, but please don’t touch.” The high top conversion will allow even the most talented of ladies to do their best pole moves with no concern of not having adequate space to pull off the flip from upright, to the upside down slide.

With less than 60,000 well-documented one owner miles, this Ford Quadravan would be the crown jewel of any 4×4 van collection. The pictures show little use and all originality intact, including what looks to be a 9″ black and white TV in the back and the magnesium look mag wheels. I find this van to be delightfully tacky and knowing it’s got a 4×4 drivetrain underneath, I can take my classless act anywhere I want to go.

If you’d like a little slice of 1980s Ford 4×4 van for yourself, the bidding is currently in excess of eight grand with a few days left. I’m thinking this E-150 4×4 should bring a five-figure payday before the final seconds tick off the eBay clock in Colton, California.

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