1989 Volkswagen LT45 Expedition 4×4

Volkswagen LT45 4x4 Camper Outlander

It’s not often I stumble across something I’ve never seen before, but rub your eyes and take a look at this – a 1989 Volkswagen LT45 double cab 4×4 expedition outlander. Now that’s a mouthful. Think of it like a Unimog for hippies or a 4×4 VW bus with room for friends. Imported from “somewhere in Europe” per the seller, this diesel-powered Volkswagen has traveled 90,000 miles down foreign dirt roads only to land in Saint Petersburg, Florida. With roof racks, a snorkel and bunk beds, it sure seems like a worthy expedition vehicle if you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere. Slap a peace symbol on the front and invite your hippie friends over to smoke dope in the back while the onboard Onan generator powers your beer fridge. Bidding has been steady and ample time remains to quit your job and slowly trek North America in your new VW double cab 4×4 where bidding currently sits protected by a reserve at just over $5,500. Peace, man.

Volkswagen LT45 4x4 Camper Outlander

Volkswagen LT45 4x4 Outlander Expedition

Volkswagen LT45 4x4

Volkswagen LT45 4x4 Interior

Volkswagen LT45 4x4 Back Seat



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