Jeep JK Review & DIY Installation Instructions for 1.5″ eBay Wheel Spacers

Jeep JK Unlimited After eBay Wheel Spacers

After installing the Teraflex 2″ budget boost/leveling kit on my 2014 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited I was having some slight rubbing issues at full lock on the control arms. One of the reasons for the rubbing was I switched to Nitto Trail Grappler M/T 285 75 17 tires on the stock JK Willys wheels. The tires are almost 2″ larger than the stock tire that comes on the Willys edition Jeep Wrangler. I spent a lot of time on the Jeep forums reviewing the pros and cons of using wheel spacers and there seems to be some very spirited discussions on the safety and quality of wheel spacers for the Jeep Wrangler that don’t carry the SpiderTrax name brand. SpiderTrax wheel spacers are spendy – about $200 for a set of four and you can find vendors on eBay for about half as much.

After thoroughly researching spacers I was about to pull the trigger on some SpiderTrax when I came across this post. I had seen the same vendor (garageracing) on eBay had racked up nearly 5,000 reviews with 99.5% satisfaction. Knowing nearly 5,000 sets of wheel spacers had been sold with almost 100% satisfaction made the purchasing decision pretty easy. The Jeep wheel spacers for sale on eBay are about half the cost of nearly identical SpiderTrax spacers and come in either anodized black or standard aluminum finishes. I ordered the black set from garageracing and only two days later they were sitting on my door step.

The eBay wheel spacers came with the metric equivalent (10.9) of a grade 8 bolt and the 5×5 bolt pattern that fits a Jeep Wrangler JK. After opening and inspecting the spacers, they all looked great, not even a scratch. Instructions for installation came with (the green sheet of paper that reads IMPORTANT). These spacers do not come with LocTite nor do the instructions mention the necessity of using it on the installation. I’m from the camp that believes if you have to re-torque the nuts after set mileage intervals you’re breaking the LocTite seal anyway. Therefore I did not use it on installation.

Jeep JK 1.5" Black Anodized Wheel Spacers
The 5.5″ bolt pattern 1.5″ black anodized wheel spacers purchased from eBay.
Jeep JK Wheel Spacers Hardware 10.9 Bolts
Metric 10.9 bolts – grade 8 equivalent. Solid hardware on a very nice aluminum wheel spacer.

Installation is pretty straight-forward – remove your tire(s) and expose the wheel hub. The instructions tell you to ensure the hub is clean and free of the hub retainer rings. I bent the notches on the clips slightly and just unscrewed them all. My front tires had three clips and rears had four. I then used a wire brush to clean the face of the hub, hub center and wheel lugs. When properly cleaned the eBay spacers fit perfectly on the stock JK hubs. There is no play and no difficulty in getting them on. I torqued the stock lug nuts back to 95 pounds, which was the best spec I could find when researching online. The directions only state to torque them to factory settings, not the actual amount. I did not have a torque wrench but I found this Tekton 1/2 drive wrench on Amazon for under $40. It’s a great torque wrench for the money and I highly recommend it.

Jeep JK Wheel Hub
This is the Jeep JK hub before wire brushing. Note the white corrosion easily apparent behind where the stock wheels touched the hub. I removed all of that and the light rust on the center hub with a wire brush.
Tekton Torque Wrench
I set the torque wrench to 90 pounds and torqued all the spacers down, then came back and tightened them at 95 pounds.
Jeep Wrangler 1.5" wheel spacer installed
Photo of the eBay spacer after installation. A nice, clean, tight fit.

The only issue I ran into was a slightly snug fit on one of the spacers where the drill holes must have been very slightly off and the socket wrench had a little difficulty fitting in the hole to tighten the nuts. That was only the case on one spacer, all the others were a perfect fit with zero tolerance issues. Some people have stated in the Jeep forums that a thin-walled socket is required for installation. I used a standard Craftsman 1/2 drive socket with no issues. The instruction recommend re-torquing the spacer nuts after 10 miles and again after 100 miles, then intermittently. I’ve performed both the 10 mile and 100 mile re-torques with ZERO loosening. I’ve so far got a little over 1,000 miles on these spacers with no problems including some very light off-roading. Overall I highly recommend these eBay 1.5″ wheel spacers for the Jeep Wrangler if you’re looking for a quality set of spacers for less than a hundred bucks.

Jeep JK front before spacer install
Jeep Wrangler Front After 1.5" Spacer

 Jeep JK Unlimited After eBay Wheel Spacers

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